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  Excellent remiss very useful to queries irrespective of their magnitude, both Shivani & her team are very attentive and are a delight to deal with Name – Mukesh Gajra Course – MBA University - Sheffield  

Meet Universities of Liverpool, Leicester and Sheffield from 25th to 29th Feb 2008. Contact us now for more information.
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UK Extends visa by one year for all foreign students both
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students. All subjects

  • There is a press announcement regarding the International Graduates scheme which will enable all international students to stay on in the UK for a year to work after they have completed their degrees. The scheme will be launched on 1 May 2007 and replaces the previous SEGS Scheme.
  • For More information log on to: http://www.dfes.gov.uk/pns/DisplayPN.cgi?pn_id=2007_0057

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Scholarship: Date Posted 14 Feb 2008
Award Body: University of Liverpool, UK
Class 12th Students: 85% GUARANTEES A SCHOLARSHIP  All admitted students eligible for £1000  Get minimum of 85% in Class 12th or 36 points in IB then a 25% (of tuition fees) scholarship is guaranteed additional to the £1000 mentioned above. (non clinical subjects only)  85% mark applicants for all Engineering, some Sciences, Geography, European lang. get extra £1500 towards living cost  Engineering students scoring 90% in 12th plus 70% in 1st year university exams can get an additional £500.
Postgraduate Students:  £1000 for all admitted students  30 competitive merit scholarships worth 25% of tuition fees. Microelectronics Company Sponsorship - The strong link that University of Liverpool has with Industry has resulted in one of the very few company sponsored scholarships with paid internship - ARM-University of Liverpool Scholarships: 2 awards worth at least £4,200 plus an internship with full salary at ARM for 3 months during dissertation. Faculty of Engineering – PG £1000 for high achieving students Law Students: LLM – 2 awards worth £1000 Hodgson LLM Scholarship – 1 award for full tuition fees and £5000. Sport Liverpool Scholarships – up to £2000 for talented athletes to support sporting activity. .

There are several other UK Universities that offer scholarships for Indian students. Some of them are University of East Anglia, University of Sheffield, University of Leicester, University of Reading, University of Newcastle, University of Bristol
Please contact Career Track for more information and application

Contact Ms SHIVANI MANCHANDA MSc Child Development, BEd, MA Career Counselling (from University of San Francisco) - TRAINED CAREER COUNSELLOR SINCE 1991- 17 years experience Ms Shivani Manchanda, Director Career Track has studied career counseling abroad herself and worked as a Student Adviser for the American Embassy, Australian Embassy and Ministry of Human Resource Development on International Education. She visits Universities abroad frequently to keep up to date about admission norms and career trends abroad. She has more than 150 articles in print on career counseling. She offers ethical, quality counseling to students She specializes in helping students into some of the most prestigious Universities.



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