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  The ICMA centre in Reading is a very well known centre and from what i have heard from my freinds studying there, they really like the course and enjoy their time here. They live on on-campus accomodation so safety is not a issue at all..as the campus is really well secured and safe. Reading is also very secure i have never heard of or experienced any violent activities. It's a student town so you feel safe anyways as there are always students around. It's a nice town and has lots of things to do. I hope this information is usefull..please let me know if you need futhur information. Kind Regards, Karishma. Name – Karishma Valia Course – BSc. finance University - Reading  

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International Graduates Scheme To be granted leave to stay in the United Kingdom under the International Graduates Scheme you must have successfully completed a course at an institution of higher or further education, which is listed on the Department for children, schools and families website on or after 1 May 2007. The types of course you must have completed are:  a bachelors degree course;  a masters or PhD course; or  a postgraduate certificate or diploma. You must:  have completed your course in the last 12 months (as shown by the date of expiry of leave as a student to complete this course);  intend to work during the period of leave granted under the scheme;  be able to maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependants without using public funds; and  intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of your stay. If you completed your course on or after 1 May 2007 you can apply for the International Graduates Scheme regardless of which course you have studied. However, if you finished your course before 1 May 2007 you will have to apply under the conditions of the Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme rules. You can switch into the International Graduates Scheme if you are already in the United Kingdom and you have valid leave as a student. This includes leave as a student, a student nurse, to re-sit an examination or to write up a thesis.If you leave the United Kingdom you can apply under the rules listed above but you will need entry clearance. You will be granted 12 months maximum leave to complete the International Graduates Scheme. If you spend anytime outside the United Kingdom during this time, we will not give you further leave to make up this time. You will be able to switch into other employment and self-employment categories (work permit employment, Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, business persons or innovators) whilst in the United Kingdom providing you meet all the requirements of the category. If you are being sponsored by a government or international scholarship agency you will need to get written permission from your sponsor before applying for the International Graduates Scheme. All dependants can stay in the United Kingdom under the International Graduates Scheme. If they are applying from abroad they will need entry clearance.

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