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The Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS) in Cheltenham UK offer you the advantage of filling one common application form for undergraduate admissions to all Universities in United Kingdom. So lets take a closer look at how this form can be completed to the best of your advantage.

Role of UCAS Form in Undergraduate Admission
Reference Letter
Personal Statement
Tips On Writing The Personal Statement (PS)
Role of UCAS Form In Undergraduate Admissions

Before beginning the journey of how best to complete the UCAS form, let us get our fundas right about this cheez called UCAS. The UCAS acts as the central processing unit for all undergraduate admissions in UK. Thus the UCAS form is the one & only application form that you are required to submit if you are headed towards the land of Spice Girls.

* The UCAS allows you to apply for 6 Universities in an academic year. The Universities on receiving your application will give you a conditional offer.
* Once your results are declared you need to indicate your Firm Choice and Insurance Choice
* For the price of fifteen pounds (that you pay online) UCAS will send your application to all the universities of your choice.
* Once you submit the UCAS form to Cheltenham UK, all your subsequent correspondence is both with the Universities of your choice and UCAS. But in all correspondence it is important that you must quote your UCAS number that is allotted to you by UCASQ.Why should I consider studying in Singapore?

Contact Career Track to talk about UCAS Extra, Changing Choices, UCAS Clearing, Conditional, Unconditional, Firm and Insurance offers. We have been helping students with UCAS applications and are a UCAS centre as well. We can correct your UCAS form online so no-matter where you are located we can give you input on the UCAS form.

Reference Letter

Try to express your thoughts meaningfully and clearly. Check whether the letter does not contain errors and whether it is grammatically correct. Make every effort to write a good reference letter, and if you are worried that you will not be able to do it, contact a  letter writing service essayswriters.com.

Personal Statement

1.The Personal Statement is the only section of the application which allows you to make a case for your own admission to the Universities. Thus it needs to be thoughtfully written. This is also the place where you can explain any anomalies in your application which are otherwise not very obvious.

Tips On Writing The Personal Statement (PS):One of the more important elements of the application process is the Personal Statement or Essay that you have to enclose. The essay will distinguish your application from all others. Thus it is important that the PS focuses on your unique strengths and capabilities.

2.Try and include information about your interests and special abilities. Any ability that you think will enhance your application should find a mention in this section.
3.Ensure that the essay is grammatically correct and free of typos. Because apart from the content of the essay the admission committee is keen to gauge your ability to express yourself in English Language.
4.Activities that occupy you in your time outside the classroom should also find some space in the PS. If you have played cricket or any other sport at school level then do mention it. Even your interest in music, games, reading etc. can also be mentioned. Excerpts from an Article written on UCAS in Education Times – This article is written in Hinglish – purists please excuse.


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