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  Alumni Feedback  
  Leicester is beautiful. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I am currently first on my course, my best friend is 2nd. Mihir Gawand University of Leicester I take this opportunity to thank you as Mihir, is doing very well in Liecester. He is topping till now, and should make a final dash for the scholarship. If he does it, it shall be for U U and U. As U believed in him. Thanks again and hopefully give u the news soon. Mr Dilip Gwand Father Mihir Gawand Name – Mihir Gawand Course – BENg University - Leicester  

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Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme The Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme is part of the Scottish Government's fresh talent initiative. You can ask those of our essay experts who worked on it to share the details and include them in the recent update. The initiative encourages people from outside the United Kingdom to come to live and work in Scotland and also encourages those born in Scotland to stay to begin or continue their careers there. The Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme is for citizens of countries outside the European Economic Area who have successfully completed a higher national diploma (HND), degree course, postgraduate certificate or diploma, masters or PhD at a Scottish university and have lived in Scotland during their studies. They may apply to stay in Scotland to work for up to two years after finishing their studies. You can stay in Scotland for a maximum of two years under this scheme, after which you will be expected to leave the United Kingdom. However, you may be able to switch into another category of visa at the end of your two years. If you spend time outside the United Kingdom during your time on the scheme, this time will still count towards your two years. There are no restrictions on the type of work you can do if you are given permission to stay in Scotland under the scheme. You may do paid or unpaid work, become self-employed or start a business. Eligibility This page explains the requirements you must meet to stay in Scotland under the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme. To be allowed to continue to live and work in Scotland under the scheme you must:  have been awarded a higher national diploma (HND), a bachelor's degree, postgraduate certificate or diploma, master's degree or PhD by a Scottish institution of higher or further education;  have lived in Scotland while studying for the relevant qualification;  intend to work in Scotland during the time we allow you to stay there under the scheme;  be able to maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependants without needing to seek help from public funds; and  intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of your stay, unless we give you permission to stay in another category You can apply to the scheme if you meet the requirements above and you:  are already in the United Kingdom with a valid student visa (including a visa as a student nurse, to re-sit examinations or to write up a thesis) or under the Science and engineering graduates scheme; or  are outside the United Kingdom but wish to return to Scotland within 12 months of finishing your studies there.

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