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Living Costs Accommodation How to Reduce Cost
Work During Degree Medical Costs Industry Placement
MBA Jobs After Course Completion Assistance Provided

Duration of Courses

Q. What is the duration of a Bachelors and Masters Degree?

Career Track Ans. In England Undergraduate courses are for 3 years including Bachelors of Engineering. Some Universities offer a sandwich year ie a year with industry placement and that makes Bachelors for 4 years. The majority of Masters Degrees in UK are for 1 year.

Entry Requirements

Q. What marks will I need to go to a good University?

Career Track Ans.  That is difficult to generalize as it can vary from course to course. But for Engineering you are easily looking at 80% in top universities and 70% in the next level of universities. But you can get admission with 60% and above as well. For business studies and social sciences sometimes the marks required are the same or a little more. Basically it depends upon how much in demand a course in a particular University. For medicine you are looking at 90% and more. Normally for a competitive Masters course Universities will ask for a first class and others will ask for a first class and others will accept a second class.Your chances of admission are greatly increased if you have a well-written and well-defended thesis. If you don't have this advantage,—Āontact to essays-service.com .

Tuition Costs

Q. How much will tuition cost?

Career Track Ans.  If it is a science and a laboratory based course like Engineering, Psychology, Biology, Media etc then you are looking at a range of 7500 to 11500 Pounds per year. For Social Sciences like Business, Law and other courses where you don’t have to do any lab work then it can be 6500 to 8500 Pounds per year. MBA varies from 9000 to 15000 Pounds.

Living Costs

Q.How much will it cost to live?

Career Track Ans.  Some cities tend to be more expensive than others. Living Costs for Central London can be about 800 Pounds a month. Whereas in other places in UK you could live on 400 – 500 Pounds a month depending upon how extravagantly you live.


Q. Where will I get to live?

Career Track Ans. There are a few options that you can choose from

  • University accommodation with food catered veg and non-veg

  • University accommodation with self catering

  • Private Accommodation

Cost Reduced - ways

Q. How can the cost be reduced?

Career Track Ans. There are 2 or 3 ways to try and reduce cost

PG Students a high first class in Bachelors degree can help you to get some funding

UG Students -

  • A percentage above 80 or 90 can help you to get specific scholarships.

  • Do a paid year in industry in some Universities

  • Could start your degree by doing a HND for two years in a college with lower fees and then transferring to the last year of a degree in a University. This 2+1 option can save you money and get you some valuable work experience

But I must also remind you that course duration in England is for 3 years (UG) and 1 year (PG), unlike in USA where it takes a year extra for either programme

Work During Degree

Q. Can I work during my degree?

Career Track Ans. Yes! You are allowed 20 hours a week during term time ie when your classes are on and 40 hours a week during vacations (Christmas and Summer vacation amounts to approx. 100 days). You could earn 5 Pounds an hour but I am afraid that will just not be enough to pay your tuition fees. It could however subsidise your living costs there.

Medical Costs

Q. What about medical costs?

Career Track Ans. Well the Government in UK takes care of all medical costs for international students. Thus, unlike in the USA, you dont have to purchase expensive medical insurance.

Industry Placement

Q.What is the Sandwich Year?

Career Track Ans. Dont get too excited it has nothing to do with food. It is just called so to imply that you can layer one year of paid industry placement in between your University or College years. This option is available for HND\Bachelors students. The advantage of doing this is

  • You get paid work experience for one year and the University facilitates the placement

  • When you graduate you have work experience already in your resume

  • You are familiar with the world of work and that gets reflected in your job interviews

  • It is likely to get you a job in the same company where you did your placement year.


Q. What about MBA? I understand the Universities internationally require work experience why is that?

Career Track Ans. The MBA is designed for people who have work experience and can contribute equally in a classroom on the basis of their genuine experiences encountered in the work place. However some institutions do run a Masters degree course which is more theoretical and based on academic learning.

Jobs After Course Completion

Q. What about jobs after course completion?

Career Track Ans. There are two new initiatives that I must point out.

1. Fresh Talent Initiative allows you to work in Scotland for two years after course completion.
2. In England you can work for one year after course completion.

Assistance Provided By Career Track

Q.How will Career Track help me?

Career Track Ans. Apart from the fact that I have experience in International Education since 1991, you benefit from my experience and all the overseas training We provide free assistance for UK applications as follows:

  • Polishing your SOP\Essay.
  • Comment on the appropriateness of your reference letters
  • Inform you about scholarships as and when they are announced
  • When required, with your application we will send a reference letter to the University about your educational qualifications and your English language.
  • We can help negotiate your offer with the University in case you slip a few grades.
  • Visa guidance.
  • In the summer months we can put you in touch with students currently at the University of your choice and other students going to the same university.

Student counselling sessions in progress at Career Track office


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