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  Alumni Feedback  
  It was a very good experience working with Career Track the personal attention which I got was great no other agencies in Mumbai give such a good exposure. Name: Ankit Chaturvedi Course: MSC IN CANCER CELL MOLECULAR BIOLOGY University: Leicester  

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Career Track is a private educational consultancy which helps you to explore your career options and inspires you to fulfill your potential.You could come to us for:

Career Counselling
  • Choosing the right career option or the appropriate course to your aptitude
  • Identifying your values, aspirations and goals
  • Scope of a course or a career that you are pursuing or planning to pursue in India or abroad
  • Consultation to order an essay on a topic that you are going to or plan to develop, and do not have time to collect the necessary information
International Education
  • Deciding where to study Selecting country and/or University. We help students to study abroad in countries like England & Scotland, Singapore, USA, India.
Career Track is run with extreme care and personal attention by Ms Shivani Manchanda who is a Trained Certified Career Counsellor TC3 from the USA.

There is a wealth of information that is available from Career Track a company committed to providing personalised,ethical assistance in the entire process of applying abroad eg. Selecting Universities, completing the application process to international Universities and guidance for visas etc.

The aim of Career Track a professionally run company is to assist you to
  • identify your career goals
  • conceive a plan of action
  • accomplish your goal


Education & Scholarship
Counselling Experience

Publications & Lectures
International Training-UK
International Training-USA

Your Aspiration is Our Inspiration



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