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 Test of Written English (TWE) is the lesser known cousin of the more popular & well known test the  "TOEFL" or Test of English As A Foreign Language. TWE is conducted six times a year on the same date as the TOEFL exam. In fact if you register for TOEFL in August, October, December, February, or May - the TWE is also being offered on these dates. Thus you automatically get registered for the TWE exam at no extra cost.  Before the TOEFL test you will be given about half and hour for writing this essay. Taking the test along with TOEFL will cost you eighty US dollars.

About TWE: Test of Written English as the name suggests is designed to test a students ability to write in English. A simple essay topic is given for which you have to write a response on a two sided answer sheet. The essays don't test your knowledge on any specific topic but are drawn from daily life events. Thus what is being tested is your ability to write grammatically correct and your ability to express yourself in prose.

For Example - "Inventions like the eyeglass and sewing machine have had an important effect on our lives. Think of another invention that you think is important . Give specific reasons for your choice".
Scoring: As you can see from the above example the essay really requires you to think for yourself, generate ideas and organise these ideas in an essay format. The marks are given for correctness of grammar, language used & how the idea is developed. The test is scored on a scale of 1 to 6. With 6 being the highest score possible. Though universities vary in their minimum test score requirement anything above 4.5 is considered acceptable. The TWE score is not added to the TOEFL. The TWE score is indicated in a separate box on the TOEFL score report.

If the TWE is administered on a test date & the student does not take it then the words INR are indicated instead of the score report card. The words INR can reflect poorly on your English language capability (as if you have something to hide). Thus if you are registering for TOEFL on the dates TWE is being offered make sure you write the essay & write it well!

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