Student Feedback

University of East Anglia   - Neeraj Mandhana (1999-2003)
(Neeraj has been accepted by University of Cambridge for a PhD programme.
He also did a year abroad at University of California Los Angles)

Hey Shivani,

Hope you had a happy diwali & a safe journey back home. Let me know how successful your England trip was. I was curious, if you could email me with options I have when it comes to applying for UK scholarships etc. for a PhD. It would really help a lot.

BTW, I interviewed with Cambridge this Friday. It went off pretty well  :)

Do let me know.
Take care,


PS: Am attaching a pic of you & the kids..

University of East Anglia -
In the picture we have Nidhi Shroff (UEA 2002) ,
Anushka Bhide (UEA 2002) , Shivani Manchanda,
and Arzan Bulsara (UEA 2001)