Student Feedback

Sheffield - University life - Divya Deepak Mehta

Hi Shivani,

I must admit when I first arrived here I was filled with both excitement and fear. The orientation week was indeed the best. That allayed some fears and made me forget the rest My advice to the students - don't miss it for sure. As it helped me settle down and I loved this place even more. I got to know people from each and every place. I don't remember their names but can never forget their face. Once the lectures started life was a bit slow. Especially after the busy orientation week it was even more so.

The food here is very different I know it takes some time to get used to it though. From the hot dry weather to the cold and wet, at times it did affect me and I got upset. Then as the semester passed, I began to settle down. I no longer felt lonely or missed my hometown. The system of education is not the same as I am used to. We have tutorials, essays, reading and assignments to do. The various lectures and presentations widened my horizon. Helped develop my abilities and made learning more fun. The international events brought all the students together. The unity and togetherness filled our eyes with tears. You get to interact with students of different nations. At times it is easy to mingle, at times you need patience. I am very glad that I have come here. I look forward to coming back next year. Sheffield is definitely the best place to be, so why don't you come here yourself and see?

Divya Deepak Mehta