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  Alumni Feedback  
  On the whole it has been a pretty good experience no problems in the last 2 years. Had a little accommodation trouble that got sorted out teaching & facilities available at the university are really good. Friendly staff & people. Name – Akshay Paonaskar Course – ECONOMICS 2ND YEAR University – Kent  

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Why Study in Singapore Part Time Work
Tuition fees & living expense Scholarship
Bond Singapore Education Specialist (SEC Specialist)
Indian School Board & IB education in Singapore Design in Singapore
Management and Engineering courses Private Institutions

Why Study in Singapore:

Q.Why should I consider studying in Singapore?

Shivani:There are several advantages of studying in a country like Singapore. Some of them are -

The strength of Singapore's Education system lies in its broad-based curriculum.
Individuals are encouraged to acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in competitive environments.
Singapore institutions have a record of high standards in teaching and learning. 
Singapore has a stable economy and a stable political system.
Singapore is well connected to India and other parts of the world.
Singapore is a multicultural country with a high quality of life. Singapore offers a safe haven for to concentrate on their education.

Part Time Work

Q.Can I work part time in Singapore while I am studying and combine my studies with a job as a writer for a essay service exclusive-paper.com ?

Shivani:Full-time undergraduates of Polytechnics and Universities are allowed to work part-time of up to 16 hours per week during school term. During their vacations, they are allowed to work full-time.Working as an essay writer helps to develop analytical skills, so it will not interfere with your studies in any way. 

Tuition fees & living expense

Q.How much will it cost me to study in Singapore?

Shivani:While the tuition fees varies from institution to institution. Living expense can be estimated to be approximately 750 to 2000 Singapore dollars depending upon your lifestyle.


Q.Will it be possible to get any scholarships to study in Singapore?

Shivani:Yes Ministry of Education has several scheme under which you can get waivers on your tuition fee. That reduces your cost of education substantially.


Q.I hear there is a bond that I have to fill with the Singapore government?

Shivani:Yes Singapore Government requires you to work for a Singapore Registered company after course completion for three years. SO you are guaranteed a job for 3 years after course completion.

Singapore Education Specialist (SEC Specialist)

Q.I understand some counsellors have be trained by the Singapore Government and authorised to provide information about Singapore. What is the advantage of going to a SEC Specialist?

Shivani: Yes I have been directly trained by the Singapore Tourism Board a wing of the Singpapore Government in India.

Awarded the Singapore Education Specialist Certificate by the Singapore Tourism Board.
This involved a 4 day training in Signapore, visiting several Universities, Colleges and Schools
Done the Refresher Course to retain Certificate as SEC Specialist

We are always being updated about new developments in Singapore Education and you get the benefit of that knowledge that I have acquired.

Indian School Board or IB education in Singapore

Q.Is it possible to do IB education or pursue an Indian school curriculum in Singapore?

Shivani:Yes you can pursue both the Indian education system in Singapore as well as the IB curriculum. I have personally visited schools which provide value education to Indian students.

Design in Singapore

Q.Can I study design in Singapore?

Shivani:Yes Singapore is developing itself to be a hub for the design industry and many exciting options are opening up. You could do advertising, graphic, fashion etc.

Management and Engineering courses

Q.Can I do Diploma or a degree in any subject like Engineering and Management?

Shivani:Singapore now has excellent Universities and private colleges which allow you to do management or engineering there. We can help you identify the exact course that you want to study.

Private Institutions

Q. Are private institutions safe in Singapore?

Shivani:The Case Trust for Education Scheme gives international students the added assurance that private education institutions have proper systems and practices to look after the welfare and interest of international students. The Student Protection Scheme (SPS), which protects the fees paid by international students is one such initiative. Without the SPS, private education institutions are not permitted to admit international students.

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