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Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) : There are two SAT exams, SAT I and SAT II. SAT I is a Reasoning Exam and SAT II is a subject exam. Both the exams are held on the same day, five times a year. You could either register for SAT I or SAT II. Almost all American universities require you to take SAT I. Mostly competitive universities require results from both SAT I and SAT II. If you need more information about these kinds of exams or would like to see examples of dissertation discussion chapter, check the lists at our main page.

Test Description SAT I:

It is mainly a test that examines/measures your verbal & mathematical reasoning ability. It consists of seven sections and the duration of the exam is three hours. There are three sections each of verbal & mathematical reasoning ability. The seventh section could be either of maths or verbal ability. The sections are individually timed & could appear in any order. The verbal sections use questions like Analogies i.e. relationships between words. A related pair of words is given & you have to recognize the parallel relationship between another set of words in a multiple choice question.

For example - CRUMB : BREAD
a) ounce : unit
b) splinter : wood
c) water : bucket
d) twine : rope

The correct answer is (b) because just like a crumb is a small piece of bread, a splinter is a small piece of wood.

Thus not only do you have to have a good vocabulary, you should also be able to see the relationship between words.

Sentence Completion's - These test your knowledge of meaning of words & your ability to understand how sentences are created & different parts fit together. As the name suggests a sentence will be given & the possible words that will complete the sentence will be provided.

For example - At a recent press conference, the usually reserved biochemist was unexpectedly -------in addressing the conference.

a) correct
b) forthright
c) inarticulate
d) cautious

Since the scientist was usually reserved so any unexpected behaviour would be the opposite of reserved, which is forthright, so (b) is the correct answer.

Critical Reading Questions - These basically assess your ability to read a passage and answer related questions. You are required to read the passage given carefully before answering the questions on it.

The Mathematics Section has questions like This section has questions of arithmetic (addition, subtraction, division, prime numbers etc.), algebra (negative numbers, linear equations, roots of numbers etc.), geometry (area, volume, Pythagorean theorem etc.) and logical reasoning. You are allowed to use any basic scientific calculator during the exam.

Test Description SAT II:

The SAT II can be taken in the following subjects - Writing, literature, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, world history etc. Not all universities require students to take the SAT II. So it is best to check with the university you are targeting whether SAT II will be required by them. You can take the SAT II in a minimum of one and a maximum of three subjects.

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