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IELTS, International English Language Testing System is a test of English language to assess whether a person is ready to train academically in English language. This test has been designed by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate and is conducted in India by the British Council. IELTS is the preferred English assessment instrument in countries like United Kingdom and Australia. As it is a more comprehensive test of English language ability. All candidates are tested in listening, reading, writing, and speaking modules.

Two types of IELTS exam - General and Academic. If a university has requested you to take the IELTS exam then by default they mean the Academic IELTS. coz it is the Academic IELTS which is designed to assess reading and writing skills for university training.
The IELTS is conducted every month by the British Council and the score reports are mailed within two weeks of your taking the exam.

About IELTS: In all the modules a variety of question types are used in the IELTS, apart from the ubiquitous multiple choice items there will be short answer question, sentence completion, labelling a diagram etc.

There are 4 sections in the Listening module and it takes 30 minutes to be administered. The first two sections will be conversations relating social needs and the next two sections relate to academic situations i.e. conversations with tutors etc.

The Academic Reading module has 3 sections and it takes 60 minutes to be administered. The text for these sections are taken from journals, books etc. If you dont understand certain technical terms then take heart there is a glossary provided at the end of the paragraph.

In the Academic Writing Module you will be given two tasks . In  one essay you will have to write about 150 minutes and it is suggested that you spend 20 minutes writing this section. In this you will be tested mainly on your ability to organize and present material The other task is slightly longer about 250 words. In the second essay you will be graded for ability to justify a opinion, compare two situations etc. Since the second task is more complex it is suggested that you spend 40 minutes writing this section.

The Speaking Module takes about 10 to 15 minutes and it consists of an oral interview with an examiner. So dont be tongue-tied when you meet the examiner, just rattle away the answers!

Scoring: Instead of one precise score that will tell your ability in English, you will be placed in a band. Thus you could be place anywhere in a band from 5.5 to 9.0 The acceptable range of English capability will vary from department to department. For instance a student of English or law will need to be placed above 7.5 band. Whereas a person choosing to do pure science or engineering can get away by being placed in a band of 6.5

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