Career counsellor
Shivani Manchanda,
who specialises in overseas education, says the screening process demands much more of a candidate than just a 650+ figure to gain admission to a really good B-school. In today's competitive landscape, prospective students need to showcase not only exceptional academic scores but also a well-rounded personality, proven leadership skills, and a clear sense of purpose. According to Shivani, crafting a compelling personal statement can be as crucial as achieving a high GMAT score, as it offers a glimpse into the candidate's aspirations and motivations. In fact, she believes that for applicants, employing the mindset of a "reaction paper writer from
," reflecting thoughtfully on their experiences and expressing how these have shaped their goals, can significantly enhance their chances of standing out among the sea of applicants.

She shares some useful nuggets on how to create the perfect application for Get Ahead readers:

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