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The Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT comes to you all in its new avatar - as the Computer Adaptive Test - the only way to take the GMAT from this month onwards. Say goodbye to the familiar paper & pencil test & usher in the new age, now that the GMAT can only be taken on the computer.
Computer Adaptive Testing: The new GMAT has arrived & those of you aspiring to do a business administration, or a related course, abroad had better get over your computer anxiety in a jiffy. 'Cause working with computers, as you will soon realize, is not difficult once you understand that the machine will neither explode nor scold you if you make a mistake.
The computer actually has a large pool of questions, to begin with it will ask you a few questions of moderate difficulty. Depending on your answer it will choose the next set of questions for you. Thus the computer based GMAT test is a shade smarter than you & it can actually adjust to your capability after the first few questions. Such that the computer will actually give you questions which you can answer comfortably, and it will not bother with questions that are either too difficult or too easy for you. Sounds like sci-fi but it isn't.
So much so, that your friend who will also give the same test may not encounter the same questions on the test, owing to differences in your ability level - you of course being the brighter!
Test Format:  In this test the questions will appear only once on the screen, you can not go back to the question once you have given the answer. So you must confirm the answer only when you are sure that you are ready to move on. You can neither omit a question nor go back & change the answer.

Table One: Timing & Number Of Questions In Each Section
 Questions Timing
Computer Tutorial Not Applicable Not Applicable
Analytical Writing*  Analysis Of An Issue*  Analysis Of An Argument 1 Topic1 Topic 30 Minutes30 Minutes
Optional Rest Break Not Applicable 5 Minutes
Quantitative (Problem Solving & Data Sufficiency) 37 Questions 75 Minutes
Optional Rest Break Not Applicable 5 Minutes
Verbal (Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, & Sentence Correction) 41 Questions 75 Minutes
 Total Time 4 hours (approx.)

The test will have questions' on Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical skills.
The Quantitative Section will test the ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems and interpret graphic data. This section will also include Data Sufficiency & Problem Solving questions.
The Verbal section of the test measures the ability to understand and evaluate written material in English. It also tests familiarity with basic rules of English Language.
The Analytical Writing sections measures the ability to think critically & communicate complex ideas through writing, all to be done on the computer.

Scoring: Like a dream exam - you can exercise the option of seeing your score, but only in the multiple choice section, immediately after completing the test. The score of the Analytical Writing Test will have to wait two weeks, when the official score report will be sent.

Test Dates & Test Registration: Since the GMAT-CAT is administered in a quiet location and an individualized environment, you can actually choose the date you wish to be tested on. Just mention three test dates & test locations of your choice and wait to receive the written confirmation from the test authorities. So  if you believe in luck then call your numerologer now!
For registering yourself for the GMAT test you need to mail the completed application form to the following address at least three weeks prior to your requested testing date:
Sylvan Learning Systems B.V. Branch Office
Suite 14-3 Level 14
Menara Keck Seng
203 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Tel 60-3-467-8610
Fax 60-3-467-8606

Test Centres & Fees: To take the test in India you are required to pay a cool USD 160 by a bank check or an international credit card. Included in the test registration fee is the score report to five graduate schools. If you want additional score reports then it will cost you another USD 15.
And if you or your numerologer change your mind about when you wish to take the exam then it will push you back by another USD 48. If you decide not to take the exam then you can get a refund of USD 64 from Educational Testing Service in Princeton, USA.
In India you can take the test in the following cities Ahmadabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi & Trivandrum.
On the day of the test do remember to take your passport with a current photograph, as that is the only acceptable form of identification for test taking in India.

Test Preparation: On the face of it, this year's test format seems no different from the previous year's - except that now the responses have to be on the computer terminal. This can be inferred from the fact that the test bulletin of this year, for the GMAT-CAT has the same sample test as the test bulletin of last year. Thus the earlier guidebook's available in the market should suffice as test preparation material.
 The "Test Preparation For The GMAT: POWERPREP Software" is available for approximately $60. The software can be used by anybody who has a 386 or better computer & 4 megabytes of RAM, VGA monitor & WINDOWS 3.1 or higher.

Computer Skills Required: Even though minimal computer skills are required to take the GMAT - Computer Adaptive Test, familiarity with the use of computers will definitely be of advantage. You should be familiar with using a keyboard, a mouse and any wordprocessor.

The 90's are sure to go down in the history as the age of the information super highway & the age of the PC! And those of you who still think that RAM is some kind of an animal or a Mouse is only another form of a rat, you should soon become familiar with the use of the computer.

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