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Every time each of us makes a phone call, we have Mr. Graham Bell to thank for. What many of us dont know is that the worlds first phone call was made by Mr. Bell in Canada. If you are heading towards Canada not only would you have access to the worlds best view of the Niagara Fall but also you will be in the land of the development of insulin and the artificial pacemaker. If you are already admitted in a Canadian University then the visa procedure is clarified below.

I have been admitted in a Canadian University for further education. What do I need to do next? Any person who wishes to study in Canada has to apply for Student Authorization and Visa to enter Canada. After you are admitted in any educational institution of Canada you will have to approach the Canadian Consulate in Mumbai. You can collect the visa form from  them.  They handle student inquiries from 9 to 1 in the morning Monday to Friday. Their address is 4th Floor, Maker Chamber VI, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

How do I get the Visa  and Student Authorization for Canada stamped in my passport?
You would have to complete the visa application form along with the Supplementary application form and  send it along with  the relevant documents to The Visa Section, The Canada High Commission, Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021. After the Canadian High Commission receives your documents they will issue instructions for medical tests within 10 working days of their having received your documents. A month after your medical exams you will be required to submit your passport to the High Commission in Delhi. They will then return it to you after stamping your passport with the Visitor visa and the Student Authorization.

How much time will it take for me to get my Student Authorization for Canada?  If you are serious about going for further education in Canada then you had better start real early as the visa procedure takes - hold your breath - up to three months! Since the papers for the Student Authorization to be stamped have to be sent to Delhi it does take time for the entire procedure and it will be your responsibility to ensure that you get your visa in time. If you apply too close to the time of your entry into the University then you would have to defer entry into the next year or the next semester.

If my relatives in Canada wish to sponsor my education what papers will they be required to provide? There is no scope for hera pheri here - if somebody is going to give you a letter for sponsorship then they had better put their dollars where their mouth is. For they will have to pay the tuition fee in the Canadian Educational Institution in advance, of which you will have to provide a proof.  So unless somebody is very serious about providing you with the funds the system will not work if you have a plan  of  hathi  ke dant - khane ke aur - dikhane ke aur.

What if my parents in India want to sponsor my education in Canada, what financial documents will they be required to provide? Your parents would have to provide an affidavit  of support stating their desire and commitment to support your further education in Canada. They would have to support the affidavit with documents certifying their financial capability to afford your education in Canada.

How can I show that the money in India will not be subject to any currency restriction and is convertible to Canadian dollars?  You would have to prove that the money your family is proposing to spend for your education is not restricted to foreign currency regulations.

Since I live in Bombay is it not possible to do all my medical exams in Bombay rather than in Delhi?  It is possible for you to request that your medical exams for the visa procedure can be done in Bombay rather than in Delhi. The medical exam has to be done with designated doctors and the Visa office will inform you directly about which Doctors you will have to visit for your medical exams. Dont worry if you have any minor ailment on the day of the medical exam. The doctors are more interested in identifying any major or chronic problems and will ignore any minor cold or fever etc. One month after the medical exam you will have to submit your passport to the High Commission in Delhi for the visa to be stamped on your passport.

Will there be any interview required before the issuance of Visitor Visa and Student Authorization? Yes for many applicants a interview is required before the issuance of the visa. For those of you who dont fancy a trip to Delhi, you can heave a sigh a relief , for the Canadian Consulate in Mumbai, on specified dates, does organise interviews for students right here in Mumbai.

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