What is Career Track ?

CAREER TRACK is the banner under which I provide CAREER COUNSELLING SERVICES to interested students. That includes facilities like:

Philosophy of Career Track

In today's world career planning is a life long process. The career paths you choose today may need to be modified five to ten years from today. Thus it is important that a visit to the career counsellor should not just give you easy answers, but prepare you for a career over the next few years. To enable you to do that I emphasize on self awareness and empowerment. I like to emphasize the need for being flexible in today's environment of dynamic economic growth. The professions that will actually be open to a student in the next century may be far different from the professions that we have known till now. So it is important to build a range of skills that can be useful in professional life after a few years.

About Myself

While the chronological details are given in the resume a brief biography will help you visualize the events preceding Career Track. Since 1991 I have been involved with International Education in various capacities. I started my journey as a Career Counsellor in 1989 when I won a scholarship to do a Masters in Career Counselling at University of San Francisco (USA). While I was in America apart from studying (and having fun !) I also worked for San Francisco State University as a Career Counsellor.

        After returning to India in 1991 I worked for United States Education Foundation I n India (Delhi) for four years as a Student Adviser. That was my initiation into the world of guiding students to study abroad. While I was at USEFI I had the benefit of training in USA - Overseas Educational Advisor Training Programme a programme conducted by NAFSA: Association of International Educators, College Board and Institute of International Education. As part of this training I visited various University campuses in the USA including sitting on mock admission committees to understand better the admission process that the American Universities follow.

        I had a brief stint with Australian education while I was working as Educational Manager for the Western Australian Education Office (Government of Western Australia). In this capacity I trained in Australia understanding the education system of Australian universities.

        Now I am the Director of Career Track. Plus I have published over 150 articles in on career counselling  & international education issues. You might have seen articles written by me in Education Times.

Resume For Shivani Manchanda



1. Educational Manager Training Programme Conducted by: Western Australian Educational Institutions.
Course Work: Education Issues, Advising Skills, and Admission Process to Western Australian universities. Training site: Perth (Australia) & Singapore.

2. Overseas Educational Advisor Training Programme Conducted by: NAFSA: Association of International Educators, College Board and Institute of International Education.
Course Work: Education Issues, Advising Skills, and Admission Process to US universities. Training site: Washington DC, North Carolina, and San Francisco (USA).

3. Internship at University of Southern California, USA Duration: June 7 - June 14, 1993.


Over 150 articles in press on International education and career information I am a regular contributor to Education Times in Times of India. Plus I have written for - a regular column in Asian Age, and other articles in Indian Express, International Appointments, Career Windows, Education and Employment Counsellor. Archives of articles will provide wealth of information.

Work Experience:

1. Career and International Education Consultant - on British University India Consortium formulated by Educational Consultants India - a Government of India organization in Delhi

2. Senior Vocational Guidance Counsellor - Aga Khan Education Services in India

3. Student Advisor - United States Educational Foundation in India

4. School Counsellor - Immaculate Conception Elementary School, San Francisco (Intern)

5. Career Counsellor - San Francisco State University (Intern)